Thursday, May 30, 2013

Starting from Scratch

 Here's a little update since my last post is well over a year old:

It turned out I was pregnant during that 50k from my last post. I had every intention of running through my second trimester, including a couple of half marathons. But then I had an emergency appendectomy at 16 weeks, which pretty much tanked that plan. So I was basically a slug (exercise-wise) until I had the baby (healthy 7 lb. girl named Moxie) in June 2012 after about two hours of labor--a PR! I started running again about a month after delivery, but that got derailed when I ended up hospitalized for a week with pulmonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs)--which could have killed me but didn't.

Now I'm back to running.

In teeny tiny little distances.

When I started running in 2009, finishing a marathon sounded like a crazy goal. But then I did finish that first marathon and from there it was fairly easy to do  another and another, until it started to seem like just part of my life. Like I could just plan vacations around long races in interesting locations or decide on the spur of the moment to run a half marathon and it would always be that way.

Except now I can't really do that because I can barely run two miles. Seriously. Two! That's it. I did a 5k on Mother's Day, but it's not like I ran the whole way. (Holy hell, it's exhausting just thinking about it.) The problem is that I know how much work it takes to train for a marathon. The first time around, ignorance was truly bliss. I was constantly amazed with my gains; every race was a PR. Not so much this time around.

Here's a short summary:

Benefits of Re-Starting a Running Program
I have an entire wardrobe of tech fibers
None of it fits
I could start the Natural Running plan now that dropping mileage down to sub-10 miles/week isn’t a concern
I’m not really going to do that
Running 26.2 miles in a row doesn’t sound so crazy now that I’ve done it several times
Yes, it does
Running such short distances saves on Body Glide
There’s more of me to chafe

The fact is, I am completely demoralized because now I  know how much work it takes to get there when you're starting from scratch, and I am just not sure I can do it again. I tried to go back to my running group for motivation, but while I was waddling off going to Starbucks' Frappacino happy hours, having a baby, and letting my Garmin die of neglect, they were taking long runs to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. I tried a few times to follow along for a couple of miles, but they lost me before we'd  gone even a block. And I don't blame them. I am slow. SLOW. SOOOOOO SLOW.

Trying to stuff my giant nursing boobs and floppity belly back into my running gear isn't exactly a moral booster. I've taken to running in the early morning so no one can see me (and also because my life has absorbed the time I used to set aside for running).  I've been trying to write this blog post almost as long as I've been trying to get back to running. It's not where I'd like it to me, but I'm going to kick it out the door anyway. Like I need to be kicked out the door for a run. Maybe putting this down on *digital* paper will be motivating. I doubt it.

Me and my girls at the Run Like a Mother 5k. Good thing most of my tech wardrobe is *slimming* dark colors.


  1. Amy I have always wanted to be able to run(complete) a marathon, but I haven't even started to run again after Miranda was born(12 years ago). My body is in serious neglect mode. It would help me if you would buddy up with me and maybe direct me on a journey toward completing that goal. I have only completed a 5 mile race, wait maybe I did a 10K once along time ago, but I always wanted to completed a marathon at least before I'm 60. That's 10.5 years away. Do you think I could make it? I would do my best to encourage you on your goal of getting back into it. I'm sure you would be able to keep up with me. Keeping from falling asleep while running as slow as me might be a challenge. Good thing for you that you don't live very close. Could we do this by email? I'm ready to start. Please let me know how crazy I am!

    Your McMinnville Family,
    Janet Gahr

    1. Janet, what a fabulous idea! I firmly believe that anyone can finish a marathon. A goal, training plan and running buddy is exactly what I need. I will message you on FB to get your email. Let's do this thing!

  2. Hi - I stumbled across your blog while Google searching for some images (not surprisingly related to running and bacon...) and thought I would reach out.

    We are putting on a fundraising event for the March of Dimes in Vancouver, WA in October called the Great Bacon Race. As it celebrates runners, kids, and bacon, it seemed like it might be a perfect fit. Here's the Web site (focused on sponsors right now):

    Basically, I simply thought we should introduce ourselves. I'd love to have you run the race, and I'm happy to give you a free registration if you promote us. It's going to be a GREAT race, especially for parents, and we're putting a lot of effort into making it a top not event. Plus, there's bacon.

    Please ping me back if you're interested! Thanks!

    - Jim Crawford